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An unforgettable holiday

Pax Kinderhulp aims to help vulnerable children. These children are offered a holiday with Dutch holiday families or at a group accommodation. This concerns children who live in difficult circumstances due to war, natural disasters, poverty and social deprivation.
In addition, Pax Kinderhulp has been active in Iraq since 2015. This country still has millions of refugees, about 800.000 of whom are children. Pax Kinderhulp offers them material support.

Confidence in the future

Holiday parents know from experience that attention gives children the strength to look forward. The holiday child sees the world from a different point of view and gains confidence in the future and in others.

Travel brings happiness

Travelling broadens your horizon, it makes you happier! Not just the journey itself, also the anticipation of a planned trip and the memories of a previous one can boost your happiness significantly. According to a study by the University of Surrey, people are happiest when they have a holiday to look forward to. They have a more positive outlook on life.
Happy memories of wonderful holidays can really help and support a child when it falls on hard times. By thinking back on the good moments, one is able to tackle problems with a newfound perspective.

Vulnerable children on holiday

You are poor when, due to lack of funds, you cannot participate in society. Or when other situations arise, such as war or natural disasters, which prevent personal development. This often leads to tensions in families, of which children are usually the victim. These children are removed from their homes and put into orphanages and children’s homes. Or they grow up in unhealthy and unbalanced family circumstances.

Support Pax Kinderhulp financially

Every child has the right to a stable and safe living environment. You can contribute to the lives of vulnerable children.

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